Beijing Yuguang Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd is devoted to the design, manufacture and applications of advanced diffractive optics and micro/nano-optics, and provide complete diffractive optical solutions for customers. The Company has international first-class R&D team and mature manufacture technology, and developed international first-class diffractive optical design software with independent intellectual property rights. The company provides standard or customized diffractive optical elements for laser and LED optical applications, which are widely used in many technical fields, such as 3D scanning, intelligent 3D sensing and recognition, machine vision, 3D computer vision, AR/VR, deep learning, behavioral big data analysis, intelligent monitoring, on-board assistance system, making the company an international first-class provider of diffractive optics and micro/nano optical solutions, and further enhance the core level of the new materials, new products and optical electronic technology.

Kehan Tian


Dr. Kehan Tian is responsible for the company's overall strategy, as well as technology development. Prior to the establishment of Yu Guang, 8 years of work in IBM, as (professor level) senior scientist / technical manager, with more than 50 patents for inventions. Tsinghua University has a master's degree in precision instruments and master's degree。

Xiaodong Yin


Xiaodong Yin is responsible for the operation and market development of the company. Founded Yuguang before, as Beijing Haifeng Laser Technology Co., Ltd. Sales Director and Changchun Hengyu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Marketing Director. With 8 years of optoelectronics business management and marketing experience. Tsinghua University, Department of Electrical Engineering undergraduate, master.

Guowei Zhang

Chief technology chief

Dr. Guowei Zhang is responsible for the company's micro-nano process research and development and production management. At home and abroad with 6-inch -12-inch chip production line experience 15 years, has worked in STMicroelectronics, Taiwan Lianhua Electronics and other well-known multinational companies, and in a number of Chinese mainland semiconductor chip production line as executives in the production line construction, communication , Research and development, production management and other aspects of direct experience. Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University.Singapore Nanyang Technological University, Microelectronics Master

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